Urban Farm: Food Center | Spring 2010 | Technology Studio | 6 week Project

Through my earlier exploration in the importance of local farming and sustainability through different technologies, we had to take this concept and bring it to an urban setting. Located in Downtown Raleigh, we had to design a self-sustainable food center. This place would house the ideas for local grown foods on site to use, sell, and educate the community around the area. 

This project was in collaboration with two other students. We came up with the design, concepts, models, diagrams, and drawings all together.

Our concept of fostering community to promote growth through sustainable systems can be seen through our design concept. The diagonal that crosses the site to connect the public side with the educational side of the site. Everything comes together by the central hierarchy of the steps that hold seasonal crops to use on site by the people living in surrounding communities. Apart from the execution of the design we had to focus on different technological studies, and a detailed section of the building system. The green roof system is carried throughout all the roofs of the site which pushed us to research and develop our knowledge on sustainable systems. 

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