Raleigh Horticulture | Spring 2012 | B.Arch Capstone Studio | 6 months

The design of the building is about creating the space where nature is the event. Quoting Bernard Tschumi in 'Event Architecture', 

 Focusing the idea of the architecture on event leads to a focus about this Horticulture Center being a place for community and gather. The people are guided into the space through the bridge and connection to the sites proximity to the neighborhood Boylan Heights. Also, through the greenway that goes through the site. 

The center of the building, where the two forms intersect, becomes a space of gather for nature to interact within the building. This open atrium that houses plants showcases different species for visitors. The lower floor which is pushed into the ground is made of concrete and retains the earth back allowing for an intensive green roof. Visitors can occupy the roof from above and bring movement into the space through the glass atrium. The timber structure supports the rest of the program above the landscape creating a linear direction between the site and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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