Pullen Park: Open-A Theater | Fall 2009 | Intermediate Studio | 7 week project

The focus of this studio was on the importance of landscape manipulation to architecture. Through our studies of topography, we had to focus our design on the experience that the landscape can bring to the architecture. This project was to re-design a year long theater that can be incorporated with a 'movies on the lawn' aspect and multi-use space to house the workshop, dressing rooms, and storage for the stage and shows.

In my design I wanted to focus on the experience throughout the different spaces in the theater with an emphasis on the stage. Entrance starts with the manipulation of the landscape that guides people to the front wall area and ticket booth. Past that space, an area designated to be multi-use with a cafe, a gallery wall, and sunken land to form a natural area for movies on the lawn. 

The main stage is emphasized with the grade change in the land. A green roof incorporated over the space for backstage functions as additional sitting for the theater or even recreational park. The whole concept becomes a minimal approach to blend in with its surrounding.

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