Irvin Farm Greenhouse | Spring 2010 | Technology Studio | 4 week project

The purpose of this project was to design a shelter for the Irvin Farm that is owned by the Triangle Land Conservancy. This shelter needs to support farm operations and educational activities. It should address both human and environmental needs. There was a technology focus to challenge the structure to be absent of traditional services such as sewage, gas, electric, and water hook-up. 

Technologie issues to focus on: 

Envelope: insulation and thermal performance, flexibility and user choice.

Water: potable, wastewater, and stormwater techniques. 

I focused on reinventing the traditional design of a greenhouse to accomodate different technologies while still keeping the use of the structure simple. My design has an open floor plan to maximize the accommodation of plants and cross beams that hold a butterfly roof to incorporate a stormwater catchment system. The south facing glazed windows maximize the solar gain needed to heat the greenhouse throughout the year. Growing beds are located at different levels to accomodate students in the space. 

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