Durham Recreation Center | Fall 2011 | Comprehensive Studio | 3 months

This graduate level studio focused on the  detail of work accompanying the profession of architecture. Starting from site analysis and getting down to the detail construction systems of a wall section, we had to design a Fitness Center that would accomodate for a community in Downtown Durham.

The Durham Recreation and Wellness Center will contain athletic spaces for exercise and motion, and a cafe and gardens for contemplating and rest. The building will have a diverse spatial program, with certain spaces such as athletic courts and pools requiring long-span structures and prescribed regulation dimensions. Classroom and studios will provide smaller gathering spaces for the community. The recreation center will also have a large amount of locker rooms, equipment storage, and other service spaces that are important operational components in the program. The center will require indoor and outdoor spaces that will activate the street edge.

'Reaching the Gap'  becomes about creating a connection between the city and the building. The greenway systems established in the city of Durham provided an opportunity to engage fitness and wellness all around. The idea of exposing spaces of activity and hiding private spaces is dictated by the language of materials in the building.There is opportunity to create event in the center with a green open space. The olympic pool is the dominating space and where systems of architecture are created through the louver system to shade the harsh southern exposure. 

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