The Accessible Chicken | Poultry Project: Chicken Coop Competition | Post-poned

In collaboration with a partner, the challenge of this competition was  to design a coop for 10-15 chickens. A large coop. A coop that can be used in a community garden and modifying the coop to be built in Uganda with local materials. 

The Raleigh coop works as a rainwater collector for the garden that sits adjacent. The chicken run intersects with the chicken house to form a butterfly roof which creates the seam for water collection. The materials used for the coop are either found objects or reused from Habitat ( i.e. the screen door,and windows on the backsite) We addressed circulation with high to low openings. Lastly, we made the nesting box accessible from the outside for egg collection. The idea of accessibility is our most prominent to our Raleigh design. 

We carried this into our Uganda design in a very versatile way. Access to clean water through collection off the chicken coop roof. Access to eggs for short children through adjustable height of nesting boxes. Access to growth of chicken population through option of adding square footage to coop. Access for adaptable uses such as detachable nesting crates for bring chickens or eggs tomarket for sale. All of this is implemented through local materials for constructions such as bamboo, wood posts, and papyrus thatch. 

We really wanted to create a coop that is not only versatile but an educational tool to bring community and people together from Uganda to encourage the importance of self sustain practices.  

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